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image_buildingWelcome to Lenahan Chiropractic!

As a South Amboy chiropractor, I take pride in offering state-of-the-art natural health care for our area.

My belief is that your health is your responsibility.

Every decision that you make impacts your health, what you eat, your state of mind, how you process stress, the amount of sleep that you acquire, how much physical exercise you get–like it or not, you have complete control of all of these.

For many people, truly understanding how profoundly diet, attitude, adequate rest and exercise affects your health can take some time.

“Dr. Tim really took the time to work with me and was very kind and thoughtful. I feel that he has a sense of complete well-being not just adjusting, which is what I experienced in the past. I am looking forward to my next visit and working with him to make the necessary changes to live a pain free, healthy life.” – C.U.


image_contentYour Health – Your Choice

My patients learn over their course of care that the level of health and vitality their body expresses is entirely up to them. The first step is taking responsibility. Sometimes my patients are overwhelmed by this idea, but often by making minor adjustments to one of the items on the list will make a tremendous difference in how you feel. Once you make the commitment to take a pro-active approach with your health, you will start to feel better almost immediately.

Looking for a chiropractor who offers clear explanations? Ready to get started today?

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